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Alive 1

                     (Maggie 10th anniversary bulletin)

I  figured people would instantly skip past "Maggie Articles Wanted" on  the
menu  bar,  so I chose a title that would grab your attention.  Now you have
been suitably fooled, and are here regardless, read on.

The state of play, as of mid-Sept.. 

We  rapidly approach the 500 kilobyte mark for text.  Only a small amount of
this  has  been  done by people other than myself.  Thanks go out  to  those
people  who already have contributed,  and a whole heap of unused thanks  is
sitting  in the corner,  awaiting the floods of other contributors still  to
make themselves heard!

The  idea of a brand new shell is somewhat doubtful now,  as Mr Pink is very
hard  at  work,  but this is for the benefit of his employers.  To get  this
issue finished within this millenium, certain compromises have to be made!

I  am open for suggestions or contributions for a front-end picture (ST  and
Falcon shells),  and a 4-8 channel MOD tune for the Falcon shell.  If anyone
is interested, please get in touch.

Release date.. 

For  those  people who were expecting us "sometime in September",  this  has
been  pushed back.  ("So what's new?" You all cry!) An optimistic projection
has  a  release date for the Stafford Atari Show in late  November,  a  less
optimistic projection has the STNICC in December as an alternative. What are
your thoughts on that subject?


At  time  of  writing,  this leaves a period of 2-3 months maximum  for  the
appropriate action to be taken. This will probably be greatly reduced by the
time this first issue of Alive! hits the streets. I will be emailing certain
key  people  directly  before  then,  but this may be your  only  chance  to
respond.  Don't  hesitate,  if you have something you are burstingly keen to
get  in this 10th anniversary issue of Maggie,  then get on the case and get
in touch with me right now!  - In case you have forgotten, which I don't think is likely?

Hedgehog Underthings.. 

Now,  after  the worthy stuff and begging bit is over,  the part of the text
you have all been waiting for.

Snuffles  the Hedgehog is posing in an electric blue spun silk basque,  with
matching panties and suspenders, she is *SNIP!*

(Oh, what a rotten miserable git I am!)

 CiH - Sept 2000, for Alive Magazine.

Alive 1