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Alive 1

LTP4 (Lucky and Tigrou Party, 4th edition) was the main French party of the
year (not that hard as there were no real big party in France in 2000, even
not the traditional Volcanic edition). The party was held in a small town near
Paris at the very end of the month of august (last week-end actually). Even if
the first years LTPs were pure PC-scene parties, the event has grown opening 
to other platforms and this year quite a lot of Amiga sceners shown up. There 
were even some UK dudes with Oric's who released some stuff :)
That makes me think there was a high amount of foreigners (as last year), like
30 or 40 amongst 400 (well that's quite much for a French party!), with 
attenders from Germany, UK, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, etc. and even
USA and Canada !

One of the pro's of the LTP is the fact it is ascener-only party, which means
no gamers at all (or hardly any) and no big sponsor-propaganda, greatly
enhancing the scenish atmosphere there. On the other hand, the choice of the
organizers has a price, the one you pay to go in : 180 FF or almost 30 euro !

Even if the party was a success on the PC and even Amiga sides (but I guess it
doesn't interest too much people reading Alive!), I felt really disapointed
from an Atari point of view... I remember having great expectation about LTP4 :
Dune was supposed to release their new demo there (they competed with Memorial
the year before), I even made some GFX for it, and I think some guys from Sector
One told me they should be there as well, maybe with their new demo...
Unfortunately, at the party place, none of them showed up and I just had to
realize I was the only Atari scener (at least the only one who brought an Atari)
amongst 400 scene dudes. The good point was that lots of guys were really 
interested in the Atari scene : "Wow a ST, is there still a scene on it ?" or
"I was active on ST in 1992 but I didn't even think some people still use it"
or "Uh ! an orange ST !" :) (I painted it bright orange, that looks strange
(ugly?) but it's easily recognisable)
As a result I spent quite a lot of time showing the latest demos, such as Do 
Things!, Suretrip, Breath, etc. in an educative goal :)

Beside that, I originally planned to release a little GFA intro in the oldschool
competition but I had some trouble with basic and I wasn't so motivated
anymore...Later, Nanard, a French scener brought a Megafile from home and
plugged it in my ST. I had never seen one before, and I was impressed by the 
SIZE of the thing :) 

The party went smoothly in a friendly and QUIET atmosphere (no loud techno
during hours as in usual parties) and the level in the compos was really high,
especially for a summer party in France (usually people go there almost only
for fun). I had to left on Sunday morning so I missed the major competitions
(PC/Amiga 1200 demos and intros) but I saw the demo compo on A500 and I was
quite impressed by the quality of the releases, from legendary groups like 
Scoopex or Spaceballs : mainly flat 3D and nice design, but that looked
really cool...

Finally I think it's worth to have a look on graphics compo entries (especially
the 16 colours ones) and on chip music entries (4 channels MOD, max 10kb).

I'll probably be there next year, hopefully with other Atari sceners this time !

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Alive 1