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Alive 1

 Not that I am the man who is trying to tell others how to work with
 a tracker, but for me it was always a great help to get some addit-
 ional information on the too often bad/not documented tracker pro-
 grams. Especially shortcuts are pretty important for decent tracking
 work, since the disorientating change between mouse and keyboard all
 the time sucks energy :-)

 Anyway, I hope this might make tracking more easy for the one or

                                 * * *

 <-- FLEXTRAX 0.5 -->

 In here are numerous shortcuts. Definatly the best-equiped tracker
 regarding that. I won't list them all here now, just because the new
 version 0.9 should be released soon and will feature a documentation!
 Yeah! :-)

 Anyway, just some small things you should take care of:

  IF you use the mouse to mark a block be careful to not do it too
  fast, because this might have two bad effects:
  1. you could reach the quit-area (the part left-up of the screen)
  2. you could wonder why you cannot paste a pattern. if you mark a
     block very fast from left to right and the mouse reaches the right
     border of the screen while the mousekey is pressed, the program
     just pastes crap.

  IF you load a module you just edited some time ago and the program
  crashed while replaying the reason is as follows:
  Editing a tune and forgetting to enter a samplenumber, such as
  C-1 -- C30 is accepted by Flextrax once. If you load the same tune
  again and replay it, Flextrax will crash there. So one can say it
  is a must to enter samplenumbers, if you want to here the full tune

  UPDATE: Yeah, now FlexTrax 0.9 is out. Get it at!

 <-- PROTRACKER ST/e/F030 -->

 Just some little things here I found quite useful:

 Some Shortcuts:       Ctrl-D         open diskmenu
                       Ctrl-L         load sample
                       Ctrl-M         load module
                       Ctrl-1..9      set steprate! This shortcut was
                                      given to me by Tinker/TNH at
                                      EIL'99. I really missed that
                                      function all the years! :-)


  Although the shortcuts are written down in the infoscreen I realized
  that I just didn't know some of the following things anyway before:

  Helpful shortcuts:  COPYING
                      F1         cut track
                      F2         paste track
                      F3         cut pattern
                      F4         paste pattern
                      Shift+F1   mark block begin
                      Shift+F2   mark block end
                      Shift+F3   paste pattern

                      Enter      play pattern (info from Mc Laser/tSCc)
                      +          transpose track up
                      -          transpose track down
                      Shift +    volume in track plus one
                      Shift -    volume in track minus one
                      /          instrument number back
                      *          instrument number forward
                      <          change palette

  Other things:    -> Using tones in the high octaves (7) is very
                      dangerous because the program then usually
                      crashes without the possibilty to save anymore.
                      So try to avoid using those high notes.

                   -> If you want to load a new song (*.tri) NEVER
                      press "abort" in the fileselector. Else the
                      current tune you are working on will be over-
                      written by a big crap file.

                   -> If you have done some senseless diskoperation
                      like saving on a full disk and SSD seems to be
                      crashed just keep cool. After a while the prg
                      will output a diskerror message. Then you can
                      press return and continue with a smile :-)

                   -> At Unconventional this summer I wondered why
                      mOdmate/Checkpoint is always clicking on the
                      infobutton after having loaded a file.
                      It was simply because the palette is fucked up
                      on Falcon if you use the diskoperations and when
                      you click on the infobutton and return to the
                      editor the palette is reset to standart.
                      Nice to know for ppl who are too lazy to search
                      and press the "<" key :-)

                   -> SSD drums are supposed to sound shitty. But you
                      can change their sound quite nicely anyway.
                      Either by editing the frequency/amplitude in the
                      soundeditor, or buy clicking on two buttons in
                      it. Those buttons are on the upper side of the
                      soundeditor screen (noise, tone efx). Just try
                      to play around with them a bit.

                   -> Another hint that was given to me by mOdmate
                      which I wouldn't have found out for sure is,
                      that in case you want to do musics with head-
                      phones and you cannot because the music is so
                      fucking loud, you can use the controlpanel to
                      decrease the volume (sound.cpx). Now you might
                      say "logical!" but after all, I just didn't
                      get this idea on my own, because I thought SSD
                      switches of everything else or so.. hmm.. :-)

 Ok, that's all for the moment. Now just get back to your tracker and
 work! Eehm.. and do not forget to save regulary, of course :-)

 Have fun.


Alive 1