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Alive 1

-------------------- reviewed by St Survivor --------------------

    HERESY is the first ASM Falcon demo brought to us  courtesy of Paranoia and
it was released at the Unconventional Party two in Legensfled, Germany. Credits
should be given as follows, code was done by Paranoid, Msx by Mr Future and Gfx
by TNT and Luebke (more complete credits can be found in the demo textfile).

    It runs on  all  standard Falcons  with 4Mb of  ram both  VGA and RGB if I
remember well. Let's run the main prg now !

    A nice technoid  soundtrack starts off  while an __enigmatic__ sentence is
displayed with  a stylish  white font. Then comes  a fast rotating razor blade
that we all know is Paranoia's logo :) I was  right since the following screen
shows a rendered Paranoia logo  which is unfortunately quite unreadable due to
the camera angle chosen here :( Our rotating razo blade's back, this time it's
bigger and every two lines are displayed now.

    Let's start another paragraph as a HERESY - still rendered - logo fills in
your screen. It looks nice like  all the raytraced gfx you'll find in the demo
but I'm not sure that animating the sky was  such a good idea... The result is
definitely TOO slow and completely misses the point.

    The main  part  consists  of variations  on  the same object, our mentioned
razor blade : it'll come and zoom in and out, addind rotations, mirrored effect
or will be reproduced in  dozens of smaller  windows... Not  too exciting. What
bothers me is, first, the abuse  of this 3D object and then the colors used. On
one side, the blade is really bright and on the shady one it's almost dark. Now
imagine maybe thirty or so small razor blades rotating again and again offering
flickering between  light and  dark colors.... Are  you epilectic btw ? Hum too
bad because you're surely dead by now.

    The demo ends with a show of raytraced logos giving the members list while
between each logo our razor blade  pops up again... The last  screen shows the
same HERESY logo and that's the end.

Bottom line : sure this  demo is not quite __fascinating__ and seeing razor
blades cooked up a hundred different ways will surely make you sick in the end.
Yet it is not a bad demo : all the gfx, tho  raytraced, are of good quality and
the soundtrack is very  pleasant  too. Regarding  technical features, we should
keep in mind that this is Paranoid's first  try and I really wish he will go on
and bring us more Falcon productions. Last words : not a MUST HAVE but surely a
demo you should have a look at.

----------------------------------------------------------------------- STS ---

Alive 1