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Alive 1

---------- W a i t i n g  -- F o r -- t h e -- A p o c a l Y p s e ----------

 Last summer, on my way back hom from Holland (Hi Havoc, Earx, TiNKer and Pheno)
 I stopped near Lille at  Thyrex's place to  work on our  new gfa demo : Waiting
 for the Apocalypse. Therefore we spent four days in his room, barely seeing the
 difference between nights and days and we had a lot of fun !

 The task seemed huge at first since we mostly had ideas and material but almost
 no finished screens :( Luckily I am  well prepared to such work and had already
 listed the different screens, their order and  the several elements that needed
 be put together :)

D a y   O n e 

 I had just arrived at Thyrex when we decided  to start working. Erm we had to
 find extra space for my Ste + tv set and that was quite a mess at first :) At
 last we had two Ataris and a lamer's PC installed. Thyrex showed me some porn
 he got from the internet, gosh he's a real PC lamer :)

 We spent this  first night  working on various  screens and I don't think it's
 worth boring you with that. It was damm hot in his room so we switched his big
 electric fan on and almost forgot about our feet smelling so sweet :)

 Late at night, we got  connected because  we were stuck with mcl's chip that
 wouldn't run properly in gfa... Minutes later, we were being given advice by
 Evil on IRC :) Pfouu, we could go on now, thanks to him !

D a y   T w o 

 Erm we quite missed the moment when day one became two, since we went to bed at
 about 4 in the morning. After some  coffee and lunch (it was early afternoon by
 now) we got back to work. Thyrex wanted to show me more porn but I decided that
 porn should be a reward only :)) Sometimes I  wonder if Thyrex isn't Swedish :P

 No surprise, we spent our second day working on the same boring details :
 adding backgrounds, painting afew things, having a few good ideas :)

D a y   T h r e e 

 Another day that ended somewhere  around 4 in the morning, we were more like a
 couple of living dead, or crazy sceners :) Again I had to restrain Thyrex from
 spending all his time on the internet or trying to show me more porn :)

 This time we had a full preview running. As the night grew darker we only had a
 few things to  work on. Around  midnight, we left for  a Belgian  hardcore club
 where Thyrex becomes DJ Thyrex every Saturday. We spent 4 hours there into loud
 music :) Though it's not my style, it was still brutal enough for my tasty ears
 hehe !

D a y   F o u r

 Hard to get up after three days spent in  front of a  monitor, erm :) We worked
 on the final  details, full  credits, textfile, the  usual last minute crap. We
 seized the opportunity to shoot some photos than can be found on my homepage at, just check the freaks section !

 We also used Thyrex webcam to shoot a couple of movies :) Later Thyrex made a
 CD out of it but it  refuses to work from here on  my old  P100. I think it's
 because of Thyrex DVD drive, but I cannot tell  you more. Around midnight the
 demo was completed, fully  running on a  typical 1Mb Ste both from floppy and
 hard drive. We  spent another two  hours (maybe more :) talking  crap on irc,
 advertising our demo (tho  we didn't spread it  until it was presented at the
 Unconventional Party two), sending away crazy photos  of us after four day of

C o n c l u s i o n

 Well this report may not sound very exciting but I can tell you that we spent 4
 incredible days filled with hard work and madness ! Thyrex is a really cool pal
 (at least for a gfa coder :) and I hope we can  work together again. Now if you
 want to get photos, our demo and more stuff, please visit us at : -------------------------------------------------->

 Thyrex's words:

Just some lines to  tell you  that it is  alway nice to  work with  such a good
friend as St Survivor. As always this four days session was really hard (no too
much sleeping) but I cannot tell  you how really proud I am now to present this
demo to the Atari scene. And I would  like to  thank everyone for the feedback.
Especially all  the  cool  guys on IRC (hi Evil, Beer, pHEYno, MC Laser). Since
I have had my Internet access, it's been like a second Atari  life for me. So I
hope all of you have enjoyed our demo. And to finish, I just want to say that :
WE ARE NOT DEAD !!  Maybe  there will  be some new  prods from us !! It's up to
you to motivate us ! As always big big big  thanks to my best Atari friend (yes
you Seb !). It's always nice to 'face' your challenge ! you can  contact me  by
sending an email to..., and see you in our next production
(soon !).

                         Thyrex from LouD! is signing ofF  ;)

Alive 1