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After my recent UCM article about game  musics, i wanted to make a selection  of
my favorites game music CDs.

So here are 8 albums in 6 reviews :
- Chrono Cross
- Dracula Battle Perfect Selection 1 & 2
- Einhander
- Gran Turismo 1 & 2
- R4 : Ridge Racer Type 4
- Super Mario World

The reviews  are divided  in 2  parts because  of the  6 covers  thumbnails wich
couldn't feat in one UCM article (too much pictures for the little interface :).

Somes are soundtrack from recent games while others are old game music  arranged
albums. There are many different styles of music presented here and i hope  that
you'll find these reviews interresting.

But before the reviews, as all these CDs are japanese productions, here are some
important notes about it.

Pirated CDs (quoted from Soundtrack Central) :

Several retailers sell  CDs from pirate  companies. These companies  manufacture
and sell their own versions of  official CD releases, without the permission  of
the producers.

SM Records is  a Taiwan-based  company  that sells  pirated copies  of game  and
anime soundtracks. Older SM CDs have  packaging that is clearly inferior to  the
official releases; newer SM CDs have drawn closer to the official releases.

Ever  Anime  is  a  newer  pirate  company,  also  dealing  in  game  and  anime
soundtracks. Their CDs  often appear very  similar to the  official versions and
can be difficult to distinguish at first.

My personnal opinion about it :  As the only real shop i know,  which sells game
music, only imports Ever Anime versions and as i can't buy online, "Better get a
pirated stuff than nothing". Also the  composers surely get more money from  the
game CD sales than from the audio CD sales. But that's my so humble opinion. ;)

Where to buy :

Anime  Nation (  is an  online  shop  which  is  very
reliable (it's the one recommended by Soundtrack Central) and it got nearly  all
new releases. Also, if you're interrested in (Jap)Anime stuff like CDs,  videos,
mangas, have a look there. :)

SynSoniq Records ( is another  online shop  but this one
is european (German in fact). It's game music only and you can also find lots of
european game music (Huelsbeck, Brimble ...). Note that lots of the imported CDs
are quite expensive ! :(

Konci (123 bd Voltaire  75011 Paris  (metro Voltaire)  is
the French anime shop where i buy my CDs. As i wrote previously, these are  Ever
Anime versions. Note that there is a fidelity card (if you buy 5CDs, the 6th  is
free, and no time limit :) and that the CDs aren't expensive (sure, as these are
pirated versions).

More informations or reviews :

Visit  Soundtrack Central (  for  more  reviews
(also others on the CDs i reviewed), more infos, more shops ...

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Alive 1