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 I'm sure this picture must have made you react somehow : either you hate it or
 you like it. If you dislike it, then don't go any further... But if it appeals
 to you, stay tuned and read what follows.


  HR Giger is a Swiss painter born in 1940. No need to spend hours talking about
  his childhood, just know that as a  teenager he spent long  hours locked up in
  his dark  room working  on weird  photos. Years  later, the genius came out to
  meet the light and amaze/terrorize us !

  Even though you think the name of HR Giger doesn't  sound familiar, I can tell
  you that you _ALREADY_ know him ! How come ? Well  Giger had many occasions to
  work on movies, some of them  being worldwide famous today. Need and example ?
  Well do you know Alien ? Surely  you do ! Do not be surprised then when I tell
  you that the Alien  creature(s) was designed by Hr Giger ! You  can also trace
  Giger's art in other movies such as Species I and II. Other pieces of art were
  designed but unused for movies such as Dune and Batman.

Biomechanical ?

  Erm, what are you telling me ?? Yes, Giger's art is a lot about __mechanical__ 
  creatures, in other words creatures which are half biological half mechanical.
  When humans and machines combine... Something uncommon... Quite often you will
  realize that machines are equipped with a penis  while the human being shows a
  female figure... Hum I really like that...

  HR Giger is definitely not an artist for these "shy" guys  who like traditional
  artwork. You'd better be a bit twisted minded and mad to like it, but as things
  happen to be this way, I am weird enough to see beauty in these paintings.

Meeting Giger

  Of course it sounds a  bit like  nonsense  telling you about  a visual artist
  while I can only  offer you two  pictures... If you feel interested in Giger,
  you surely have already seen the movies mentioned above. There are quite many
  books about Giger that you can find out there, so  let's try to list a few of
  them :

* HR Giger's ARh+ Postcard (edited by Taschen) : 30 postcards in an A5 format
  for your greatest pleasure ! These are obviously copies of  bigger paintings,
  thus a bit  small  compared to  the  original. Still it  allows you to enjoy
  various sides of Giger's art at a reasonable cost and maybe send some morbid
  postcards to your beloved ennemies !

* HR Giger's ARh+ (edited by Taschen again) : a weird format for this 96 pages
  fat book since it's a bit bigger than the usual A4 format you could expect. If
  you liked  the  postcards then get  a rush on this book now ! It features many
  pictures  both  paintings and  photos, not to forget  additional biography (in
  French in my edition, therefore surely translated to your own language).

* HR Giger's Film Design (published  by Morpheus  International) : this is the
  real Artwork book you need if you  are a real  Giger fan ! This 137 pages book
  edited in a much bigger format than A4 (still not A3) focuses - no shit ? - on
  Giger's intervention  into movies. As  mentioned above a part of his work gave
  birth to movies while other paintings have never been used. You will of course
  find a lot of paintings and  sketches related  to Alien and Species but also a
  lot more. You will find  extra  pages, telling you a bit  more about the Alien
  morphology (with an incredible folded central  page). This book features a lot
  of pictures and comments  from Giger but also from other people such as Ridley
  Scott, famous  director of the  first  Alien movie. This  time, this  book  is
  restricted to English fanatics since it's an imported book.

HR Giger Online

  At last, we reach the core of this article :) Of course you need to go out and
  buy the mentioned books... but you  only need to get your computer started and
  get connected to learn more about Giger... online !

  Basically I'm just gonna tell you about two sites, the official ones ! There
  must be tons of other sites, both professional and amateur ones, but I don't
  know them and couldn't lead you to the best of them (but any further
  suggestion will be welcome !).

  A Switzerland based homepage which  features a lot of Giger  pictures, many of
  them on the menu. This site offers many sections starting with the latest news
  about new  paintings, posters, erm... new  things :). There  is also  an Alien
  Insurrection section which tells you that The Twentieth Century "accidentally"
  forgot to give credit to Giger in the Alien Resurrection movie... nice ! There
  are too many sections to be  described, so let's just  list them all : Giger's
  Alien, Biography, Books (about 20 of them !), Exhibitions, Furniture (as Giger
  also designed different pieces  of furniture), Giger's  room, Giger's bar, the
  Webstore, Guestbook... Yeah  there are  an incredible  number of  paths  to be
  walked through ! Now, make your own choices.

  The second official sites features similar sections and... many more ! But the
  first and nice thing is the  site design. It's gonna take a while to get fully
  loaded but once complete, you will be given a nice biomechanical panel control
  with animations and scary sounds. It really looks superb ! As said before this
  site offers  the usual  sections plus : Film  design, biomechanoids, audio and
  video  files and  a __very__ complete  store from which you  can buy t-shirts,
  posters, books, signed  copies, pieces  of  furniture, models.... Speaking  of
  models, you'll read about the collaboration between Giger and Todd Mc Farlane,
  wellknown Spawn creator. They are currently working on a new model and you can
  already have an idea about the final result looking at what follows :

  Then what ? I cannot make sure this site offers more  than its counterpart but
  one thing is sure : it looks so  much more  eye-catching ! Also it seems to be
  updated more regularly and again is more attractive in many ways. The only bad
  thing is that it's a USA based site which means more expensive to buy from. If
  you feel like going shopping, then better check the other site first :)

conclusion ?

  Not much to add... I hope Giger's fans will have a lot of  fun thanks to this
  humble tribute to my favourite painter. Feel free to reach me if you have any
  useful piece of information for me. Email to and see you !

------------------------------------------------------------------- 19/10/00 --- 

Alive 1