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Alive 1

-------------------------  by FUN INDustries -----------------------------

    Here comes a one year late release by FUN. From what I understood this mod
compilation was actually released at PMP, but no copy was spread... Erm I hope
you kicked your swapper FUNers ! So here it lies, one year later.

    This _Falcon only_ module  compilation offers four soundtracks by D-Force,
respectively  "Fuzzy  Logic",  "Existance", "Insane" and  "Satisfactory" while
"Suck on This" was composed by NO-XS/Oxyron and "Warm Summer Night" by Perkele
of Depression.

     Get it started and you  will be greeted by the _now_ usual  FUN INDustries
loader screen. A grey scaled PMP logo shows up before we reach the core of this
compilation. Then the screen is divided as follows :

     * almost 3/5 of it are occupied with the names of the different modules
     written with a mere 1plan font.

     * the last 2/5 display a small stereo spectrum analyser and a nice fuji
     textured tunnel. The tunnel  palette will swap to  another view after a
     while and then back to the first colors later on.

     Using function keys, you will be able to select another tune from the six
which are offered here. Most of them are of good quality though clearly techno
inspired. The only track that really sounds too much old school  in my opinion
is Perkele's contribution which will remind of old samples you could listen to
in every mod...

     Hum what could I add ? The  overall music  quality isgood  and the screen
looks nice too but we get back to the old problem : who's gonna sit in front of
his monitor and listen to  different modules  and occasionally launch another ?
Even though you like modules, the  environment is too  limited and you may feel
bored quite quickly. People should think  twice when they code msx compilations
(at least Wave Upon Wave features a scrolltext to entertain you a bit).

Last words : of course it's not bad, modules sound cool and design's here
except for the  module selector which  sucks but- as usual - this compilation
will mostly draw msx lovers because it's about listening and not doing much
more I'm afraid...

--------------------------------------------------------------------- STS ----

Alive 1