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Alive 1


------------------ another Unconventional view bu Stsurvivor -----------------

    By now most of you must have read the Unconventional realtime article and/or
Paranoid and 505's reports. Therefore I won't bore you repeating the  same facts
or stories, instead I'll tell you about the __only French__ guy who attended the
party, in other words : me :)

    Though Legenfeld is about 650 kms far from my place, distance was not such a
problem especially since  German highways  are free ! The  same ride, in France,
would have most probably implied an extra 50 euros charge... Yes French highways
are damm  expensive  and  that highly  reduces  our chances to attract  European
Atarians to our country :(

    Driving alone was a bit boring tho... I tried to convince other Frenchies to
join but given that there was another party in France at the same time which was
co organized by Sector One, most of my fellows were  already busy. So I got off,
alone in my red VW Polo :)

    I left on Friday september 5th, in the  morning and reached Legenfeld early
at night after surviving quite a  number of traffic jams... I lost another hour
driving around  in  Legenfled, desperately  looking for  the party place. As my
hope to find it was getting close  to zero, I  spotted a small  Atari sign on a
street... Yeah !

    The party place was quite big especially compared to the few people expected
and was located on top of a  hill, it offered a  nice view on  the small town. I
soon found out  that  505 and No  were already  there, along  with  a  bunch  of
8-biters from  Eastern countries. Later that  night, Paranoid and MCL joined and
later again Moondog  and Modmate arrived  as well. That was  what this party was
about :not about how many  people there were but how friendly they were ! And I
can tell you that the atmosphere was really cool ! I talked quite a lot with the
people mentioned above  and learnt about  their projects and ideas. All of which
was really interesting and friendly.

Mad Butcher also did his  best to entertain  us and I even  took part to the
hard disk throwing compo tho I thought it'd be a little  stupid at first. I also
enjoyed playing Millipede tho my  second attempt  was a bit spoilt by the liters
of beer that were already  in my stomach :)) I was a bit sad to see that neither
D-Force nor Havoc actually showed up...

    I spent most of the time walking around, talking to nice people, smoking and
drinking beer, all  of  which  proved  pleasant  enough :) Since I was the  only
French most of my fellows spent their time speaking German  which was surely the
only low point for me since I sometimes felt a bit isolated. Fortunately I had a
book with me and spent some time reading outside on a bench.

    Late at night, on the second day, the competitions started : This time I was
to present our new LOud! gfa  demo "Waiting for the  Apocalypse" and... damm it,
things didn't get very well to start with ! First, my __French__ STe wouldn't be
connected to the video  beamer because  of some  connector that doesn't exist on
French Ataris (lamerZ!!!). Then we found another ST but it wouldn't read my disk
erm... Gimme another minute to reformat it :) We managed to get the demo started
but then I would freeze on the third  screen... Another try finally reassured me
since I managed to get things  work out as  planned. Now people could enjoy - or
dislike - our demo on the big screen ! Pfuuu time for another beer :)

     I had another - funny ? - problem in  Legenfeld. Earlier  that  day, I  had
found out that I was  quite hungry :) Therefore I  drove back to the  midtown to
realize that all  shops were __already__ closed (on a Saturday  afternoon ? That
sounded so weird to me !!). I needed some cash at least to buy pizzas and headed
for an ATM. The machine offered a French menu  I chose  to use. Oddly, the words
and respective buttons were not  quite on  the same line, so when I chose "other
amount" I was quite  distressed to  see the  machine deliver... 800 DM instead ! 
Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck ! I was  rich but... It wasn't such good news, what would I do
with so much money ? Fortunately, we won  the  demo compo, and  the  extra  cash
earned allowed me, once  back  in  France, to  convert  this  cash  into my  own
currency without losing too much into charges. What a story !!!

    About the whole party : as said  before the  atmosphere was really  cool and
the people very friendly ! The entertainment offered also did much in it and tho
I could feel a bit alone  sometimes, my Atari  fellows did their best, switching
to English whenever I came by :)

    I was a bit surprised to  see Moondog, Modmate and MCL  spend hours watching
old demos and lament about "how the Scene had once been big and how small it was
now". That really made  me laugh to see these guys, almost in  tears in front of
the monitor, lament  instead of  doing  things. I  thought it  was a  pure lamer
attitude especially when I remember  Moondog and  Modmate complain about the way
UCM had changed. They should  move their ass instead ! I can stand criticism but
not when it comes from people who do nothing BUT complain. After witnessing such
attitude, I knew that Moondog would surely never release his inSTabil and that I
shouldn't wait for anything from Modmate. I hope I'm wrong though...

    To put it in a  nutshell, the Unconventional  Party Two  was a bit small but
friendly enough to make it  worth attend. Maybe  another edition will see masses
of Frenchies cross the border to have a good time with  their German and Eastern
European  fellows. In  the meantime, I have  to address  my  deepest respect and 
thanks to Mad Butcher for organizing such a cool party !

------------------------------------------------------------------------- STS --

Alive 1