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Winfehler 2 ST or Error2ST by Spion (Escape) [2000]

Not everybody is as lucky as i am. I am lucky because i only have Atari
computers at home which i use for everday work, to have fun, to surf the
web (a little) and to have a great time with. I am lucky because the office
where i am working is 100% PC- and Micro$oft free and i get to play with
nice Unix computers and don't have to torture myself with Windows.

Not everybody is as lucky as i am.
On the contrary, a lot of people still active in the Atari scene need to
work with Windows in everyday life - probably even for a living.
These people usually know the way Windows works - or rather the way
it doesn't work because when it comes to producing error messages,
Windows displays its only way of creativity that a bunch of programmers
ever had at Micro$oft.

And when it comes to producing error messages on the ST, Spion of Escape,
still famous for his funky Text2Ali-converter or the WBMP-viewer,
displays a lot of creativity, too. His latest production, Winfehler 2 ST
or Error 2 ST reproduces Windows-style error messages on an Atari ST,
STE, TT or Falcon computer in a dialogue box.
Don't get me wrong, it doesn't screw up your harddisk, it doesn't hang
itself up during a defragmentation process or mix up a lot of such badly
needed DLL-files - but Winfehler 2 ST simply reproduces error messages
with about the same highly helpful content as the real Windows does
when it just did exactly one of the desasters mentioned above - or all
of them at once.

Winfehler 2 ST is an accessory of very small size and calling the
accessory simply produces a dialogue box that gives you the credits
and allows you to set the frequency of error-messages. You can select
between "brutal", "real" and "friendly".
And then it simply produces one error message after the other with a few
delays, depending on the mode you put it in. Error messages like
Too little free memory to free memory or Copying !$%&$$.html to any
directory but also with less "real" error messages like Are you sure
you wanted to do that ? or Micro$oft found out about your pirate copy
of Office over the internet. Move immediatelly.
You can usually click one or two buttons that feature about the same
amount of sense like Yes, No, Probably, Next time and things
like that.
Whatever you click, the result stays the same, the dialogue vanishes
and that's about it.

Winfehler 2 ST is cleanly done and runs in various kinds of setup,
Atari ST, TT, Falcon, SingleTOS, MiNT + N.AES and i assume it runs
under MagiC, too.
Its current amount of error-messages is limited so the messages
repeat after a while, but that doesn't harm the joke.
The timing Winfehler 2 ST uses seems to be based on the amount of
AES-events that happen and when a the AES has been busy,
Winfehler 2 ST produces more error messages than when the AES
has been lazy.
Unfortunately, that means that moving windows or using the realtime
sliders in N.AES produces a lot of error messages and usually hangs
up the system in the middle of an AES-event - it would have been
nicer to put the error-messages in windows rather than dialogues
The other slight glitch, the fact that the dialogue boxes can't be
closed by either a hotkey or return is -according to Spion-
currently being worked on.
And oh yes, by the way, Winfehler 2 ST currently only works in

So if you know a little german and care for a really good laugh or
two, give Winfehler 2 ST a spin, you won't regret it - it's great
fun and i had it autoloaded on boot-up quite a long time.

                                          T h e   P  a  r  a  n  o  i  d
                                          P   a   r    a   n   o   i   a
                                           L u n a t i c    A s y l u m
                                          Think  you  can  handle  it ?!

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