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-----------------------------------------------------------------------------          email :

    Eric is a good friend of mine and he's French too... Hum maybe extra details
are needed here : he studied to  become an engineer and  successfully graduated.
Then he realized that his true passion was  painting. Instead of following other
people into the search for a wealthy  uninteresting job, he decided to give it a
try as a painter. I envy him... I used to paint too but never had the courage to
do it full time, to see how  far I would be  able to  go, he_did it_ and I have
thought that he deserved a little help...

    I've known him for many years now and  when I see what he is up to, I really
think he's a great artist ! I hope he can get the "promised" opportunity to show
us his skills someday. In the meantime he had the good idea to open his homepage
to us and to offer us the span of his__many__ talents. Before I forget, the url
given above leads you to  his homepage  which is 100% French :( Don't give it up
tho since you can still enjoy his paintings by clicking on the "GALERIE" icon...
Most of these paintings are water/oil/lead paintings, it's no pixellised work !

    That's such a small sample of his paintings ! Not to forget the high loss in
quality and colors. As you  can see, the guy's not too bad :) Many  pictures can
be found in the  different sections   this  site  features. I really do like his
paintings a lot and I hope you do too.

    That's of course another one (damm small compared to its original size). Now
what could I say ? It's a bit  useless to tell you about  paintings when you see
them reduced to low  resolution. I suggest you  visit him and enjoy the __many__ 
pictures that are available  online. Please__do__ write to him  if you like his
artwork (and name me, Sebastien  Larnac  aka sts so that he knows howcome you've
heard about him).

    This article is no plea, just an opportunity for you to discover a great
artist and to encourage his creativity. I hope you'll enjoy the visit then !

------------------------------------------------------------------------ STS --

Alive 1