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Alive 1


------------------------------ reviewed by STsurvivor -----------------------

    This is really what you  can call a last minute article since this issue of
aLiVe! is completed and "only" requires assembling  and packing  before it gets
released but I thought another 25 minutes delay would not be  that hard to bear
and I think these intros need be reviewed now  and not in two months or so. I'm
going to review _BOTH_ the ST and the Falcon  intros in the  same article. They
strictly follow the same scenario so the ST intro description should also apply
to the Falcon intro. Some differences will be highlighted a bit further in this

ST intro

   It all starts with a chip by 505/Checkpoint and a  rendered blue background.
Soon the middle section gets filled up with an horizontal scrolling text coming
from the right side of the screen and  reading "Have you ever felt... sometimes
the future is the past"... This sentence and the following ones naturally refer
to the great Error In Line party held in 1999 and... damm it !! Yeah I wish the
coming party will be  as great as  the previous one ! These sentences come from
the right then from the left, merging  somewhere in the middle and generating a
bright blurring effect. Hard to describe it looks like an fx from the endscreen
of Madness by Cream and that is _really_ stylish. Have a look  at the following
snapshot (note that original colors are STe though) :

   After this poetic introductions, we are offered scanned photos shot at Error
In Line. You will surely  recognize fellows from  Checkpoint, Escape, Reservoir
Gods, FUN, Sector One, Mind  Design, Paranoia, Wildfire (gosh they even have an
ugly picture of me :). All these blue/grey scaled  pictures flood  in until the
screen cannot take it anymore. Then we move to the final part.

   This last screen features the original error in line logo on top and at the
bottom of the screen (displayed in 4 colors tho) while a mapped EIL logo keeps
rotating in the  middle of the  screen. Shortly after  the now  usual one plan
vertical scroller pops in. Read through it using arrow keys and press space to
exit once you're finished. Btw it looks like this :

Falcon intro

  As said before all the fx  mentioned above can be found in the  Falcon intro
BUT... there are some  differences : first this intro features a soundtrack by
505/Checkpoint (the ST msx  being a chip  convertion of that  same tune) and I
must confess this module really sounds great, much better than the chip on ST.
Then it shows much more colours ! All fx and backgrounds use quite a number of
colors actually and colored  pictures appeal a lot more than grey scaled ones.
Last but not least, this  time on a technical point  of view, the light fx and
mapped logo look much better on Falcon.

   Last words : this is the first time - I think - that the St and the Falcon
get mirrored intros, meaning the same fx, scenario, msx... Of course it looks
better and faster on Falcon but the  ST intro does  it perfectly ! Above all,
these intros should remind eil partygoers of  the incredible fun we shared in
Dresden ! Need I say more ? Visit for the latest news !

   Gosh I almost forgot to give credit to Evil/DHS who coded both intros and
also provided me with these snapshots.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ sts -

Alive 1