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Alive 1

---------------------------- aLiVe! issue ONE ---- released November 10th '00

    Before I let CiH entertain you, St  survivor would like to say a few things
to his dear fellows : first  of all waves of thanks are  sent to the people who
helped giving birth to this first issue (see the greetings section for details)
which is reaaaal fat I think :) Before I forget, the  Polish invitation file to
EIL2 can be found in this archive. I had to remove it from the mag since Polish
characters were automatically turned  into unreadbale  symbols :( Erm I'm a bit
lost now  being so  rushed  out and  so excited about  this first step ! I hope
you'll like it a lot and be willing to keep it aLiVe! of course !

                                                              sts signing off


A few random comments from the UK-based co-editor, which may be mistaken for
some sort of editorial contribution by less careful readers?

             Two into one will go!

This  dual editor lark is shaping up nicely into a scene of rare  enjoyment.
The  two-headed  editorial  monster that is ST Survivor  and  I,  is  slowly
adjusting  to  the  new working conditions and extra  co-operation  that  is
needed to make this thing a success.

Now two into one can be taken equally as a sign of strength or weakness.

On the one hand,  take Siamese twins,  the signs aren't usually good.  These
are  forced  together  in  a  kind  of  vital  organ  sharing  'marriage  of
convenience'.  This is always a second best option, as most people work best
on a "one body, one person" basis, and are reluctant to share!

On the other hand, you may care to remember the creative partnership of John
Lennon and Paul McCartney,  both of them at their best together, and neither
quite  as good again afterwards.  (But if you care to consider the manner of
their departure from each other, maybe not such a great example?)

So,  the question remains.  Is this dual editorship of Alive,  an attempt to
stave off a terminal decline in the Atari Scene, a Siamese twin arrangement?
Or  is  it  going to be a creative powerhouse greater than the  sum  of  the
parts,  a  Lennon and McCartney affair (but hopefully without the terminally
opposing tastes in girlfriends that made it all end in tears!)

I hope it is the latter, and I'm pretty sure ST Survivor agrees with that!

          Xmas is coming!

And  the  geese are getting fat,  yeah yeah..  I'm sure that you've all been
good, so Santa is going to bring you something extra nice for this year. Now
I've a little idea for the next issue of Alive, which is for people to write
in  with their own lists,  with what they would want to make a perfect Atari
Scene Xmas (and a happy new year to follow!)

To give you an idea, here's mine.

What I would like to make a perfect Atari Scene Xmas..

A CT060,  STNICC,  Error in Line '01, and the lottery win to help me pay for
them all!  The New Beat Softsynth,  and the Necrophilia Softsynth,  I gather
that Thomas and Jason have been swapping code and ideas here!  Also, Willies
Adventures from New Beat (on every Xmas list since 1997!) The next big thing
in ST and Falcon demos (see STNICC or EIL.) As I'm not totally greedy,  I'll
leave it at that. I'm sure you're all bursting with your own ideas?

            The Final Deadline!

Maggie 10th anniversary issue,  will be released at STNICC 10th anniversary,
on  the 15th December.  Once that is out of the way,  then I can concentrate
properly  on my Alive editorial duties.  If anyone has anything they wish to
do for us, then please get in touch asap!

Yes, even if it is just a paragraph on the lines of "Wow, I didn't think you
would get this far with Maggie, you old bugger!"

The clock is ticking louder than ever!

           My Atari is online!

You  might  be  interested  in  a  slightly  different  Atari-based  reading
experience, as a new publication 'My Atari' has gone live.

This  is  one  of a new generation of Webzines,  a text format that  is  the
pretender to the diskmag crown. You will get to read some of my own personal
views  on  diskmags  vs  the  Internet,   in  the  forthcoming  Maggie  10th
anniversary special, but I have to say, that this one isn't too bad at all.

It  is more for fans of the serious user genre,  and I think a more detailed
assessment will be forthcoming somewhere else in this issue!  It is more for
fans of the likes of 'ST Computer', or the sadly departed 'Atari Computing'.
However, there should hopefully be a little bit of 'scene' input soon, along
the lines of the Maggie Pages in Atari Computing.

Do you want to know who would be responsible?

Go on, guess!

Well,  I'll put it this way,  it's kind of interesting, having to balance my
efforts for THREE publications now!


Okay,  that's enough pointless whiffle for this issue, go and read something
more worthwhile instead!

CiH for Alive! Magazine, Oct '00 

Alive 1