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------------------------- ATARI, ATARI, and ATARI Again then ------------------

OK, you mustn't read this, because, it will maybe a MegaSHit fot many guys,
It's just to talk about what I think about the Atari world in France, and maybe
around me on IRC or at home...

We can read on the French Newsgroup some stupids messages ( maybe this one is
too) like : why a milan or why a falcon, the war is launched !!! and some guys
injured others and etc... pfff I'll never understand why they disagree, we live
in the same computer sphere, don't we ?

Ha, I think of R.Czuba who said :<< 83 guys for the CT60 is not enougth !!! be
quick !! >> pffff, I realize that R.Czuba would be the new X-Men of the world
:-) ( The world is on Danger !! I'm here to save you people !! don't worry...)
But, Each of us does what he wants.

Some guys prefer to live like Rambo, with the just minimum to work... Ok, an
ATARI is great, but work with 2 colors while we could use some soft with a
better comfort of work, I don't know where is the pleasure, but, everyone does
what he wants :-))

Last Night, some friends of my school class were entering at my school and I
showed them some A-T and Niko 's  GFX, and they were enthusiastic !!!
They didn't know what guys could do whith only 16 colors. Then, I showed them
some ST Demo, and similar at the gfx time. That shows that even though an atari
was a gaming computer in people's heads, it's a great computer too when everyone
can see what we can do on it.

What I want to explain is : fuckoff if this guy, or this girl says : pfff, what
a pity, or : ATARI is Dead, or so : You are a shit, the most important for
all of us is to continue what we like, and to stop if the stuff you do/did
is worth nothing.

Atari is dead, and it's for this reason we are always online ( for the demo
scene I speak )

If you disagree with me, it's your choice, but you can react in the aLiVe!
feedback section of next issue :-)

--------------------------------------------------- See you soon ---------------

---------------------------------------------------- CosmosH / F.L.A. ----------

Alive 1