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Alive 1

few STEPS to have.....................YM x 2!

 Hmmm..? What should that mean? Ok, to start off, this text is dedi-
 cated especially for people who have some important traits of char-
         1. You have to be a chipmusic-junkie
         2. You have to have installed MagiC
         3. You are interested in emulating two YM-soundchips in
            your Atari Falcon.

               * * *

 Ok chipmaniacs, so how to do get two Yamahachips out of one:

 01. Boot MagiC.
 02. Load SNDPlayer by Assemsoft.
 03. Load a SND-song.
 04. Play it.
 05. Load SNDPlayer, so you have it twice on the screen.
 06. Load a SND-song in the new SND-player.
 07. Play it.
 08. If you like: Goto 02.

 Both songs (or more!) will be played in some kind of mixmode of the
 soundchip. It tries to play everything at once, which makes the
 sound a bit distorted, but you still can hear which tunes are played.
 If you continue the show by adding more and more songs you end up in
 some really weird noise, which sounds similiar to a radio which is
 just receiving crap.

 For a first try, I recommend you the following two songs:

 "ARPA"     by Evil/DHS   (has some really pushing arpeggios which you
                           will hear through the other song very well.)
 "SYS 4096" by AMJ/Side B (which was spread as SND in the latest song-
                           package of SND-Player (

 If you try it with these two songs you may hear some really nice
 effects (the hard arpeggios sound really cool, for instance).

 Personally I was quite surprised that this worked. It made me think
 that a lot of stuff should be possible by fast mixing. Maybe some-
 thing like 6-channel chipsongs even? :-)
 Maybe I will try how it works out with some tunes specially done for
 this. We will see :-)

 Unfortunatly I don't know if this thing also "works" under Mint or
 Geneva. After all you wouldn't miss too much anyway :-)

 Have fun.


Alive 1