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|                                                                             |
----------------------------- led by Stsurvivor -------------------------------

Foreword : though he's often to  be seen  or better  said "met" on #atariscne, 
Carbon is still quite unknown to many Atarians including me :) We remember him 
as being  in  charge of ST Plus, unfortunately  now dead if I remember well... 
But the guy didn't give up  and today he strikes back with another project, an 
HTML based  fanzine  called  Atari Active (more about  it can be read in CiH's 
review  of  new webzines). Let's see  what he has to  say about  it and  other 
things then.
|                                                                             |

sts : Hi Carbon ! Like all interviews, this one starts with the usual 
questions : who are you ? What's your real name and activities in life ? What 
machines do you own and use ?

  Carbon: Well, my real name is Simon Osborne, and come from Manchester,
  England. At the moment I am studying at college for a computing certificate,
  which I expect to finish next year. My main machine is a PC, and I also own
  an Atari STE, Mac LC, Atari Portfolio, Philips Velo, Viglen Laptop and I'll
  hopefully be getting a Falcon before the end of the year.

sts : could you go back into your past and tell us how you got in touch with 
the Atari world ? Let us know what you have done so far.

  Carbon: I first got hold of an Atari STFM in 1993, when a freind was selling
  all his Atari stuff. I paid 115 for it, which I never regretted. I had a
  Sega at the time, and the Atari was so much better. I remember playing
  Turrican 2 for hours.

  I got in contact with the scene purely mainly through CiH. I had started
  looking into the Internet, and I met Felice and CiH at a freind of mine in
  Northampton. Getting to know CiH and the scene made me want to buy a Falcon,
  and I've had two upto now, both sadly dead.

  So far, I have ran a PD library, did a couple of rubbish diskmags (Trannies),
  and I have been a contributer to ST Plus diskmagazine.

sts : tell us a bit more about ST Plus : what was your status in the team ? 
How did it end up ?

  Carbon: A few years ago, The editor of ST Plus fanzine decided to give it up.
  Myself and AtariMad decided to take it over, but to release it as a HTML mag
  instead. However, it didn't really work out, so we gave up. For a while, I
  thought nothing of it, then I saw a few people on asking
  about Atari magazines, since Atari Computing had closed. I then decided to
  create something new, an online Atari magazine. So, Atari Active was born.

sts : what about Atari Active ? It seems like you're missing collaborators as 
most magazines do these days :( What's its current state and what can we 
expect from its further development ?

  Carbon: Contributions are scarce, but I received some nice text from Ed S. Baiz
  and David Acklam, both American writers for user groups over there.
  I am trying to add more articles and content, as much as time allows. News is
  being updated quite often.

sts : besides handling magazines, you've composed several nice chippies and if 
I remember well one or two of them could be enjoyed in former UCM issues. Do 
you plan to do more ? I'd like to read 'yes' :)

  Carbon: Yes! Well, when I sort out my STE first. I'm not much of a musician,
  but sometimes I get the feeling to compose something. 99% it's trash though.

sts : on a more practical level, I think none of us has ever met you in coding 
parties, how come ? Do you plan to attend one - the STNICCC for example ? - 
someday or don't you just feel drawn to this kind of meeting ?

  Carbon: I am definately attending STNICCC! I haven't been to any before due
  to no money, time etc. But I am determined to make an effort and go to them.
  I am booked for STNICCC, and I hope to attened Eil2 next year.

sts : what's your opinion regarding the future of Atari machines ? Are you 
eargerly waiting for clones, new accelerating cards ?

  Carbon: I was interested in the Milan, but I don't think the future is in
  the cloans, as they don't offer much in the way of compatibility. I respect
  people like Roldolf Czuba because he is making sure the Atari stays kicking
  in the new millenium. The future, for me, is in power upgrades.

sts : name your favourite games and demos on Atari and don't hesitate to 
comment on your choices.


  Wings of Death by Thalion. I have started playing it again, and it's one of
                             the best ST games ever.

  Darkside of the spoon by UCM. The first ever demo I saw, and it wowed me.

  Substation by UDS. the excuse for long long nights :)

sts : here comes the tricky part, the brainstorming torture :) Fill in the 
gaps with whatever comes to your mind.

A : Atari = Power without the price
B : Beer^TNH = That strange person I met once ;)
C : Carbon = Me
D : Degas Elite = Taught me to draw... just
E : Elite 2. = Crashing on docking
F : Format C: = Every week
G : Gemdemo = Still amazing
H : Herman = Some game from an ST Format disk
I : Iceberg = Umm
J : Jinee = Best desktop ever
K : Special K = Breakfast
L : Laser = The MC from Germany
M : MSG = Heyyyyyyyyy
N : NUT = Dude in Holland
O : Outlook Express = Yuk yuk yuk
P : PC = Thing next to me
Q : Quantum Leap = TV show
R : Rainbow = Zippy, George and Bungle
S : ST Plus = Great mag, now dead :(
T : TAO = Best musician
U : UCM = Bestest diskmag, now aLiVe
V : Vimto = Nice drink
W : Westlife = Crap crap crap
X : X-Box = Microsoft's coffin
Y : Yak = Jeff Minter
Z : Z = Last letter of the alphabet

sts : feel free to send a message to our fellows or to promote Atari Active. I 
know how hard it can be to get people into helping out :(

 Carbon: Sure, visit and write about anything!

sts : thanks a lot for answering these questions and good luck with Atari 
Active !

 Carbon: It was an honour, and thank you. Keep going sceners!


Alive 1