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Alive SE - EIL 2001


 Like its predecessor Error in Line 2 was the occasion to view small screens or
 intros some of them being ST coded as follows :

Fading Twilight intro by tSCc

 As MC Laser was to release his CD compilation of Scene msx, they also added a
 96Kb ST intro simply called "Fading Twilight intro".

 I starts with a fake cracked game screen from which you will have to press "T"
 (for trainer) to run the intro then the screen turns to blue while a cool chip
 by MC Laser starts. A face distorter is placed on the left while some "poetic"
 text is displayed on the right in a stylish white font. Then they swap places
 while the distorter gets crazier. This is a cool effect tho you will _hardly_
 identify the motive until the picture used in the distorter is shown in full
 window (looks like ripped gfx ?) with the words "Fading Twilight".

 Then the floor is filled up with an ugly pink and blue texture that keeps moving
 and pixelling too with on top names of the contributors to the msx compil. It's
 Really too bad the colors suck that much as this is clearly a _technical_
 screen. A blue scaled photo is displayed and a mapped tunnel goes on with a
 really nice and unseen before transparent effect, cool !

 We skip to a lame picture by Moondog (must be six years old) and then an ugly
 light green gouraud shaded cube goes spinning all around before we reach the
 final part, plainly reading "".

Bottom line : surely it's not bad but design is kinda very irregular here ! 
While some screens are neatly designed, others like the textured floor and 
shaded cube are just ugly :( Also there is no way out the intro when you reach 
the final part as it was in Centauri... A nice intro tho you'll have to chose 
between cool fx and poor looking ones. I hoped to see better stuff from tSCc.

Katchat by Pyjama

  Exocet strikes back with another gfa coded nonsense intro called KatChat. Msx
  is an old Tao tune way from his latest ones but still enjoyable. then there
  isn't too much to describe : some prites moving, some texts displayed esp
  kitty piccies and that's all. Design is really cool, cartoonlike, and it will
  appeal to most of us, yet as soon as you've reached the end you know you
  won't be loading it twice.

Bottom line : another weird Pyjama small intro with great design but nothing 
more :( Let's see what comes up next...

Eile by tSCc

    The other tSCc demo contribution is this small 2Kb intro which was coded by
    their new coder Ray. Run it to enjoy a pink mapped tunnel. Tho the colors
    suck big time, the tunnel looks okay and it runs quite fast if you consider
    the small size of the prg. Of course you cannot quit. Another small screen
    to keep at hand to impress your PC friends :)


Alive SE - EIL 2001