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Alive SE - EIL 2001

-------------------------------- by Paranoia -----------------------------------

System : Falcon with 4Mb / vga or rgb

 Paranoia strikes back after their Xmas 2000 intro but this time they offer us
 a Falcon demo. Msw was done by Mr Future while TNT and Paranoia handled gfx.
 Last but not least both Marcstar and Paranoid were responsible for coding.
 Let's have a closer look at this demo now.

 It all starts with a sky texture moving forward in a convincing and pleasant
 way while a nice soundtrack by Mr Future is heard. Some plain distorting text
 reading "what you see is what you lack" gives way to a Paranoia logo which is
 actually a PSX logo :) Next is the title screen which seems quite ok but is
 unfortunately too dark to be readable and that's worse with the demo name :(
 Btw as my vga was connected I watched this demo on my big monitor but it works
 fine on rgb too.

 Next is mapped tunnel whose texture is quite ugly coloured as red, green an,d
 blue seem to be the only colors :( Credits pop up and are displayed with a
 white font. Stylish enough but you may be confused by the similarity between
 the "A" and the "O". I was luckily smart enough to guess that Poronoid wasn't
 the name I was expecting to read.

 Then the floor is filled with a texture showing a razor blade and some
 painting which is hard to catch. Fortunately the following shows the full pic
 in a more stable way. Again, I wish the demo name was easier to read.

 While both the ceiling and the floor are covered with a vivid lava texture,
 greetings zoom in and out in a one plan font. It all goes very nicely with the
 soundtrack like most screens. Next one is a classic mapped rainbow colored
 tunnel that will change axis a couple of times and get crazy distorting. Tho a
 bit flashy, these colors are happy looking.

 Argh ! A black box is centered on the screen, surrounded by a terrible green
 and blue texture that'll start rolling forward after a while. Basically a
 mapped tunnel except that this one is based on a rectangular frame. Too bad
 the chosen colors suck that much. The end has been reached as a razor blade
 picture sets up in the middle of the screen. A vertical white scroller will
 tell us about the usual info and then it's all over.

Bottom line : tho not a sky rocket, this demo shows that Paranoia and 
especially Paranoid (don't get confused here) keep improving. Nice soundtrack, 
few gfx but pleasant enough and cool tho already seen effects. Something is 
still missing : I guess you could name it design, original ideas and smooth 
colors but no doubt this demo is cool and I suggest you have a look at it.

--------------------------------------------------------------------- STS ----

Alive SE - EIL 2001