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Alive SE - EIL 2001

    Here comes an unexpected gfa demo running on a standard Falcon and brought
to us by unknown (German ?) crew REMO. It all starts with a nice soundtrack
featuring slow electronic beats mixed up with sampled voices. One good thing
about the music is that it's quite slow thus making up for the quite slow fx
presented in this demo.

    First we are presented with a nice tho simple looking white font then
followed up by rainbow coloured mad circles. They give way to ca 10 balls
(being sprites) moving around while they are reflected and magnified in the
background. Nice looking.

    A kind of blue and pink plasma makes its way upward with a kind of merging
cells motive. Looks cool tho a bit too slow. That also goes for the following
effect being a rotozoomer.

    Next is a blue and white mapped tunnel which really looks nice esp for gfa
basic ! Another typical effect is a green bumpmapping that looks again nice tho
a bit too slow like most fx in the demo.

    Another venturing try comes up with a cube mapped with a different motive
on each side. Looks quite ok but again too slow, even slower than other fx :(
Mapped letters forming the name REMO are up next, always too slow tho a nice
try that was !

    We finally reach the end with another white font giving us some credits.
Too bad we cannot get back to GEM afterwards :(

Bottom Line : no new fx here and it's going kinda slow but it's really good 
for a gfa coded demo ! Besides the slow msx perfectly fits the demo ambiance 
and you'll hardly notice any slowdown except in the mapped parts. Maybe not an 
asskicking demo but surely a worth try coming from an unknown crew. I still 
don't know if we should expect more from him (or them ?) in a near future.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ STS ---

Alive SE - EIL 2001