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Alive SE - EIL 2001
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          bY SpicE bOYS

In  among  all  the  Falcon-shattering  entertainment-ware,   this  was
something  a  bit different.  Not quite a normal demo,  but not quite a
faketro either, this is something else. Something almost educational?

The journey of a Pizza Slice!

As told in around a minute, by those wonderful Swedish Spice Boys..

The  first part of the journey is conveniently skipped over,  the  part
which goes from the Pizza oven,  on to the delivery boys moped,  and to
the EIL partyplace is not even considered.  This tale picks up, when it
starts the second and most fateful part of its journey, when an unknown
but  uncannily Baggio-like large Swedish coder is caught inserting  the
slice  into his mouth!  The soundtrack starts with lipsmacks and growls
of appreciation, "MMMM PIZZA! HMM!YHM!YUM!"

Cut to a pepperoni-map textured pizza slice spinning snappily in a pink
organic 'throat tunnel',  as the caption below announces that it starts
its  journey  down the throat tunnel.  The pizza cheese must have  been
very  runny,  as  the  pepperoni pieces shift about on the slice  in  a
carefree runaway fashion! The slice zooms away down the throat.

You're not supposed to swallow it whole, dumbass!

And encounters the lake of stomach acid! Whirls and splashes of stomach
acid,  lapping  over  the  other  stomach contents  such  as  packs  of
McDonalds  french fries,  and even the odd carrot,  which would suggest
some unhealthily healthy interest in fresh vegetables?! The pizza slice
arrives with a splash, and a groan on the soundtrack!

(Hang on a minute, got to get my supper, which is.... Pizza!)

Damn, that was good!

Most food remains in the stomach for around four hours to ensure it  is
completely  digested,  this  pizza slice is different,  as it stays for
barely  a  second before charging down what is called in  Swedish,  the
'Bajswtunnel',  in a  suspiciously intact fashion!   This produces more
groans  and  shaking about.  The Bajswtunnel is like the throat tunnel,
but rather more brown in texture!

And the end of the journey at last, as the pizza slice morphs into what
is called a Bajswurst!  The screenshot below will be intensely familiar
to  those people not forced into using a colostemy bag!  But I might be
suspicious about the shiny textures!? What are these people up to!?

So sleek, so shiny, thanks to GLEEM-O-TURD!

A  couple of eye-pleasing end pics and some greetings,  and that is the
end  of  this  little demo!  If we didn't know about  the  journey,  or
destiny of the common pizza slice before, we have no illusions now!

It  runs  on most Falcons,  but really needing more than a bare  4  meg
machine. The only reason for this, is it is yet another production that
uses  some form of the famous DHS demo system,  which includes an  .mp2
soundtrack.  It  performs flawlessly on a CT2 accelerated Falcon,  like
this  one,  and  even  goes as far as running from  an  enhanced  MagiC
desktop,  and  returning  back to the system with scarcely  a  flicker.
Which is cool.

So,  not quite a proper demo,  not quite a faketro, but a lot of laughs
on the way!

CiH For Alive! issue whatever, April 25th 2001.

Alive SE - EIL 2001