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Alive SE - EIL 2001
------------------------------- by Sector One --------------------------

    Here comes at last the so long awaited ST demo by Sector One, started about
two years ago. Was it worth the waiting ? How come I'm already reviewing it
while the Eil2 demo compo will only start in a few hours ? he he, answers may
follow up so stay tuned ppl !

Btw almost all screens use the extended Ste palette, that's why the picture 
above may seem a bit weird being converted to Stf palette. But the demo should 
run perfectly on STf, Ste and Falcon too (as I write this St Ghost is still 
tearing his hair off trying to have the demo run 100 percent on the mentioned 

     It all starts with a really cool Dma Sc that will accompany us until the
end part where we'll be offered another cool chip. The first screen shows an
animated tunnel in a small window while the words "believe it or not, we are
back in town..." are dynamically printed on the screen. Design was done by Edo
and the whole demo has a deep Amiga feeling which is real good news to me !

     Then a very stlylish Sector one logo follows up, another screen with a
Dune logo this time and a typical "presents" page before we reach the name of
the demo : Odd Stuff (see picture above). Everything is stylish and there is
some nice synchro between screens and msx.

     Next are some colorful mad circles with a cool gfx by Exocet on the left
side of the screen but better check it yourself :

     The picture slides to the left and makes room to purple zooming squares
on a 1 plan background. very nice again ! A hand is centered on a screen and
after few seconds, it is shaken by a cool ripples effect. The picture frame is
turned into a white square, then again to a vertical rotating bar that finally
settles on the right. Another transformation occurs as the bar is wrapped with
a beautiful texture. Then the bar goes crazy and distorts furiously !

     Another screen by Chuck, after the zooming squares, is coming up with 12
transparent 3D objects spinning furiously and changing shape to pyramids and
different kinds of boxes. All colors are very well chosen ! Another sign of
Edo's presence :) They are replaced by a sliced Sector One logo that bounces on
the right while a liquid texture fills the rest of the screen flanked by the
words "it's raining in my mind". Shortly after that, raindrops actually shake
the liquid texture while the words keep trembling erratically.

    Next effect is surely the most original bumpmapping ever seen. First it
comes with two textured bars up and down the screen while a spiral bumpmapping
is centered. On the right side this bumpmapping is repeated in a vertical
scrolled ribbon. Hard to describe but really original and well designed as
usual !

    The second picture by Mic is distorting in the 320*200 window for a while
before we catch a chance to see it in a more peaceful shape. It gives way to a
solid tunnel made of coloured frames. Who said Chuck only coded old school ??
After that, a nice picture by Exocet keeps us waiting - a bit too long - for
next part which consists of dotballs forming some shape while flat squares are
rotating right in the middle of them.

    Though the following effect is partly an animation it really looks neat and
show a rotating raytraced sphere with a one plan texture sliding all over it.
Another cool effect is coming up with a magnifying glass moving quickly on a
manga inspired schoolgirl. Nice purple sinus waves add more style to it.

    A nice girl face is shown before a great looking tunnel fills the window.
It looks just great, fast and well coloured. Almost the end :) As a 'the end'
logo takes on the upper part of the screen, a fire effect right under.

    The music fades away before another tune starts. The end scroller is
displayed in a very original way I won't even try to describe. Tho it is very
long I suggest you read it until the last words :)

Bottom Line : believe it or not, this review is far from complete ! There 
are more gfx than described and most screens enjoy great transitions and many 
details that make it almost perfect. Sector One have done a great job and bring 
us what I would call the new Flip'O. The gfx by Edo, Exocet and Mic are just 
great looking ! All fx are smooth and most of them run in 1 vbl. Last but not 
least the music just take the whole thing to an infinite state of pure 
happiness. Maybe you think I'm a bit too enthusiastic but the demo really 
deserves the hype ! Stop reading that article and download it instead !

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- STS

Alive SE - EIL 2001