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Alive SE - EIL 2001

I had planned to give you the chance to review all EIL2 demos and I actually 
gave you that opportunity but very few ppl used it :( Actually Peylow sent me 
his girlfriend's comments which I lost due to my PC HD crash (sorry :( the 
other comment was done my Modmate / Checkpoint and here it comes !


The demo fullfilled all the hopes I've set into this production. The
design - which is in my opinion the most important point in a good demo -
is very well done. Esp. I liked the graphics by Edo, he must have worked
really hard on those. Quite improved style, respect! The demo goes hand in
hand with a lovely DMASC-chiptune that is in the style we all like so
much... ;) The FX are good, although not really hardware-breaking and
sometimes a bit oldschoolish (dotballs, fire). Negative fact is that it
has some problems to run under emulators. SainT is the only one that
starts the demo. But I have to admit that this isn't a fault of the
demomakers, but a fault of the emulation-coders...


This demo is a dream: marvellous effects, outstanding music and fine
design. It shows that demos can be great even without the help of gfxmen,
accelerators and RAM-expension. Finally, the Sono-neckbreaker has arrived!


Toys' "Wait" is a real pop-demo, like we know them done by Doomsday on PC.
A fast and melodic music, fast effect-cuts and colourful presentation go
hand in hand with state of the art coding and optimal use of the Falcon's
CPU. Esp. I am satisfied about the fact it only needs an unaccelerated
Falcon (with 10 MB of course) which shows the demo's strenght in
comparison to DHS's "Don't Break The Oath".


The demo with the best name of them all was a real burner in the
competition, shown on a very fast accelerator. At home, on my
unaccelerated Falcon, it is too slow in "High Detail". The "Low Detail"
mode has an okay speed, but the usage of every second line maybe isn't the
best idea. Nevertheless, the demo features a lot of FX that TOYS did show
on an unaccelerated Falcon, it has a very nice beginning (crazy idea,
man!) and brilliant Candyman-musics.


I never thought you can do something like this with GFA-Basic. Respect. I
am waiting for the next production of this guy, whoever he might be ;)


Alive SE - EIL 2001