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Alive SE - EIL 2001

  The usal greetings are sent to the people who made this issue possible. This
time I'm even more in a hurry than for the last issue ! More to read about that
in the editorial :) Back to our greetings. Btw the list is goin to be very
short and not highly detailed esp as I don't want to spend more time than I can
afford on this issue. Huge greetiings are sent to :

  * CiH and Paranoid for their everyday support. I feel like the three of us
  can still go on like this for centuries !

  * Marss for his huge net-ripping contributions ! I hope to read more real
  articles next time :)

  * Escape and Checkpoint for giving us one of the greatest Coding Parties
  which naturally led to the release of many cool productions ! I don't know if
  there will be any other EIL in a near future but surely I'd love to attend
  another one !

  * Evil, 505, Modmate and the many musicians whose msx I used without
  permission I have to say. Since this issue was planned to be focused on the
  great EIL2 I found it natural to use the three best ranked chips plus the
  one best 4 channel module.

Enough talking, time for some reading on your side and some relaxing on mine. 
Btw sorry if I forgot someone but this is Saturday night and I'mm kinda out 
of this world :)

Alive SE - EIL 2001