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Alive SE - EIL 2001

People who attended Eil2 will tell you that this second edition was mainly 
a Falcon party at least as far as releases are concerned with many full size 
demos and some smaller screens like the ones we'll describe now :

      Spontane Selbstentzuendung by ESCAPE (rgb only)

      Charon is a new Escape member tho we knew him before as Socrates of Stune.
He coded and presented this 4Kb screen which seems to be a sequel to Burning
bee as it features again a fire effect. Actually the screen shows an odd
picture the shape of a tree tho humanlike. Fire is set on top of his head,
quite a nice and fast fire it is ! After a while fire goes through the whole
body and our brown freak is burnt to ashes. Not much to add : a nice 4Kb with
smooth fire. The question remains : how many times will you load it and then
reboot your Falcon ?

      Unreleased Whip VLM by ESCAPE

      Actually Charon also presented a WHIP module that has unfortunately not
been released yet. Still what it showed on the big screen wasn't too exciting :
a pink and blue 3D object kept spinning on the screen. I cannot remember if it
changed shape, but it didn't seem really synchronized with the incoming msx :(
Let's hope the final version will surprise us a bit more.

      Collide VLM by FUN

      It had been a while since Earx had released another VLM ! So far he's
been with No/Escape the most active a contributor to WHIP and once again he
brings us another cool screen called Collide. It shows a psychedelic green
pattern that changes colors and gets shaken (it looks like some kind of
ripples) with the music. It's really cool with fast tekno stuff like Prodigy
and definitely looks great, not to mention the usual parameters to be changed.
Yep VLM master is back and we now have another good reason to start WHIPping
again !


Alive SE - EIL 2001