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Alive SE - EIL 2001

Note of STS : this report was captured on courtesy of Evil. You 
may have read it already but I thought it could be useful to replicate it here 
so that ppl who missed it had a second chance. Besides there are so many 
updates on DHS that this message will shortly be lost among them.

The question everyone were asking.. Could a sequel ever be as good as the
original? Although it seems impossible in the world of Hollywood, the Atari
guys from Dresden has proved that the sequel can be as good, or even better.

To make a short story long, here we go..Going to Dresden from middle of Sweden
takes a little while, so already at thursday 10.00 we started driving towards
the party. We drove into the middle of nowhere to pick up ZPQ. Once done we
continued to the NoCrew headquarters in Gothenburg. Most (all?) of the people
who were going was already there so we made a short break and then went down to
the boat and checked in. The boat trip was nice, and for once yours truly
controlled the beer consumption on the ferry and didn't get very drunk. However
our driver RobertK was really.. hum, well no words describe it ;-)

Like a miracle RobertK was alive in the morning and even wanted some breakfast,
phuew.. now Evl didn't have to do the driving on the Aooooutobaahn for the next
nine hours. Driving and driving and driving and.. Dresden! Yeah.. we were
finally there and met Scy/Tscc directly. He gave us some hints how to bypass
the entrance-barrier. Thanks mate, it saved us alot of carrying (paranoid:
enjoyed all the carrying? hehe..).

The party place was the same as at EIL1, same good feeling and cool rooms with
bars and stuff. Excellent! The party went on, and more and more people dropped
in. Finally there were quite a few crews on place, many of them working on
their demos for the competition. Sitting beside Mind Design it was nice being
able to see their demo grow step after step.

At saturday night it was time for the first competitions; music and graphics.
There were rather few pictures, and quite many music contributions. It was
finished in an hour or so, and then back to partying. I began coding an effect,
which later turned out in more or less identical version as I had planned in
the Escape demo.. crap! ;) Getting closer to the demo-deadline at 16.00 on
sunday, Mind Design decided to give up their attempt on getting the demo
finished in time. Too bad!

In wait for the demo competition to begin on sunday night, the 'Whip Pong'
competition were held. Imagine this: 30 Atari guys screaming for all they are
worth to get that &$%$&%&$= paddle moving. Winner in the end was Tam, with his
own special technique (porn moaning? ;-)). Finally, I think around 1:30 on
sunday night the wildcompo, intro compo and demo compo started. It was a real
treat seeing the contribs. Sector One showed their really nice (and long!)
ST-demo and Escape knocked everyone in the Falcon demo compo (really good work

After the compo there was no point going to sleep, so we stayed up chatting
some hours more with lots of pals. Then, I think like 7.00 in the morning, the
price ceremony took part. As expected Escape won the Falcon demo, and Sector
One the ST demo (full results to follow on the download page later.

After this it was time to reverse the trip. Now, just a day after the party, it
feels like even better than the original Error In Line, although no nude girls
in the shower this time!

I would like to thank Norman, Nils and the others for creating this event, it's
the best weekend I've had for a long time.


Alive SE - EIL 2001