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Alive SE - EIL 2001
  Chat with Tony Takoushi from TAKS
  Set by K3V on Sat Feb 10 11:54:27

 <K3V> GameFan is "on hold" right now...hopefully making a comeback
 <tonytak> its funny if i had done it on ps2 or drmcast it would have
looked a lot better and got the coverage ..
 <BeefMan> really sucks
 <Jagman> hello guys.. only can stay a few, gotta go to work soon /
 <BeefMan> im glad you did for NUON though =)
 <Jagman> Hi Tony
 <BeefMan> hello
 <tonytak> hi jagman glad you're here )
 <KV> Yeah, we're all happy to have FF as a part of our NUON games
 <mobiusmax> Does this mean you don't see many games coming out for the
 <tonytak> i may look to do a 'remix' later if time allows
 <KV> The issue with the FF review was the "final" issue of GameFan, for
now ;-)
 <tonytak> others will come BUT they will wait for the installed base to
hit in..
 <mobiusmax> Next comes a review of tk, hopefully.
 <tonytak> yep and it was sent back on tuesday )
 <KV> So you're planning on doing more stuff for NUON?
 <tonytak> my instinct tells me that the tk review will say grt game BUT
who wants original
 <tonytak> no plans but a remix would be VERY easy to do..there are tons
of assets left over that were not used
 <mobiusmax> How do you feel about tk? You're friends aren't you?
 <irata> Who cares about originality when you can have the 9th
incarnation of the first racing game ? ;-)
 <BeefMan> How difficult is it to develop for NUON?
 *** Phaln has joined #nuon-dome
 <Jagman> Tony considering the relatively current small userbase of the
NUON, are you happy with the sales of FF, or are they about what you expected?
 <tonytak> I tk is controller fritzes out so i have not been
able to playt it properly
 <KV> I'd love to see it. An enhanced FF with some new missions would be
great if possible
 <Phaln> Yo )
 <tonytak> then let vm know )
 <KV> Welcome Phaln.
 <tonytak> hi phain )
 <tonytak> it could be done quickly but my immediate priority is to get
mm to a good demo state
 <KV>  Everyone email VM Labs about FF Remix ;-)
 <Phaln> I've still got to get a NUON, but consider me among those that
say Freefall looks great )
 <BeefMan> is MM for the PC?
 <tonytak> thanks means a lot to me tohear yopu liker it so
much work went into it
 <tonytak> mmis for pc but it was designed for console so it is for xbox
and ps2 and maybe gamecube
 <KV>  Tony When do you expect MM to be finished?
 <tonytak> i am creating tracks that are beyond anything i have seen or
played before
 <mobiusmax> Did you see the demos of ray-tracing andvoxels before making
the game, and if so are those abilities worth exploiting in the future?
 <BeefMan> Why cant MM be ported to NUON, is it too complex?
 <tonytak> good question the game is shaping up very well..i would guess
from  to 1 months..
 <tonytak> mm maybe able to go to nuon in the future but at present it
does not give me the oomph i need
 *** Phaln has quit IRC (QUIT User exited )
 <tonytak> the more we get into mmthe more i realise i need bleeding edge
tech to do it..
 <KV> What about Pinball Toons that you mentioned in the Interview? Any
plans with that at this point?
 *** Phaln has joined #nuon-dome
 <tonytak> toon sis ready to go into production but again it is radically
different fom what has gone before
 <BeefMan> mabe a future version of NUON like raptor could handle it
 <tonytak> raptor? whatever do you mean )
 <KV> Seems to be a recurring theme with TAKS dramatically different
gameplay. And that's awesome.
 <BeefMan> you want to help me out here KEv with raptor
 <tonytak> am i mad or do you want different games?
 <BeefMan> i want different
 <KV> I think Tony knows exactly what Raptor is. ;-)
 <BeefMan> hehe
 <tonytak> i really believe in original games but it SO tough to convince
 <KV> Yeah, we want originality but do the masses?
 <tonytak> yes..i can't believe all there is fps and strategy games it
must stagnate..
 <BeefMan> maybe it wont be so hard soon because it seems that a lot of
pubslishing houses are losing money over there rehash every year
 <Jagman> thats why i've been playing a lot of crazy japanese games
lately, hehe
 <tonytak> i have been around since  and seem many booms and busts
 <tonytak> i love the jap games many are so way out!!
 <Jagman> yeah, totally
 <KV> Tomb Raider 155247 just won't have the same appeal as it first
 <BeefMan> i never really liked tomb raider
 <tonytak> it seems that way with the collapse of the ps market
 <KV> I never got into TR either.
 <tonytak> i have not bought the drmcat/ps as there are no killer apps
 <tonytak> i did eventually for a flight game for my son but for ps why
should i buy it?
 <Jagman> no kille apps for DC?
 <irata> Hey, DC is nice -)
 <KV> PS doesn't have the system seller for me, but DC has a good
selection of titles.
 <BeefMan> Tony where would you place the nuon graphically? between PS
and N?
 <tonytak> yes there are now ) I have veronica crazxy taxi etc
 <mobiusmax> How does developing on the ps look?
 <HolyWater> i love dc
 <BeefMan> DC is tight
 <Jagman> I've been playing a ton of Typing of the Dead, and Tokyo Bus
Guide lately )
 <tonytak> thta's a fair view of it..the nuon can do good stuff and the
libs have improved..
 <mobiusmax> it seems everyone is scared of losing money.
 <KV> I'm on disk  of Shenmue right now, gotta finish that one off
 <Jagman> cool Kev.. what part are you at now?
 <BeefMan> what have improved in the libs that wasnt included in FF?
 <tonytak> yep i visited sega amrica in oct last year and shinobu told me
to wait until after xmas before devloping on it!
 <KV> Umm...I'm at the part where I've got a job at the docks, doing the
forklift races every morning ;-)
 <Jagman> Only part I had trouble in Shenmue was the 'Metal Gear' part,
 <Jagman> took me forever
 <tonytak> boy we were in there VERY early..we used early gl libs that
were enhanced significantly but I did not want to rework the code as to time
 <BeefMan> thats probably the most tediuos part of the game
 <Jagman> forklift races are cool )
 <KV> Jagman Yeah, that part was tough! I got cought a million times.
 <BeefMan> gl = openGL?
 <Jagman> so did I, I had to turn it off and start from the beggning
cause I lost so many days getting cought
 <tonytak> yes, it is reworked for nuon
 <BeefMan> cool
 <KV> Interesting.
 <tonytak> how do you feel about a driving game that takes it to the next
 <BeefMan> even though quake is a fps i wonder how hard it would be to
port to nuon with opengl
 <Jagman> I was also one of the people that found the day  forklift
glitch ((  that sucked
 <BeefMan> it was done for DC
 <KV> Sounds awesome to me. I'm not much of a driving sim kinda guy so
it sounds right up my alley.
 <BeefMan> what was that glitch?
 <tonytak> what are your fav driving games and why?
 <mobiusmax> Hard-drivin
 <KV>  day forklift glitch?
 <Jagman> not a big fan of driving sims, but I like driving games, more
arcade style.. perhaphs with weapons and things
 <BeefMan> MotoRacer, cause it make me feel like im flying
 <mobiusmax> fantastic force feedback cabinet
 <BeefMan> original MotoRacer
 <KV> I like stuff like SF Rush and the like, just crazy-outrageous fast
 <tonytak> we have tracks that divide into  lanes that roll and stack
and twist every which way..
 <irata> Great American Cross-Country Race ... and Carmageddon
 <Jagman> yeah, I took a certian route doing moving the crates and an
event didn't trigger and EVERy day would be the same over and over again and I
didn't know how to fix it,, but I finally found out why in an FAQ and luckily I
didn't have to restart the game
 <BeefMan> i think the sense of speed is the most important part of a
good racer
 <tonytak> the vehicles morph and have unique attribs
 <BeefMan> that sounds crazy tony
 <BeefMan> cant wait to try a demo
 *** Phaln has quit IRC (QUIT User exited )
 <tonytak> it is totallY W-I-L-D
 <KV> That sucks Jagman...I might be doing the same thing ;-)
 <KV> Yeah, I want a demo of MM!
 <Jagman> heh, well if you get stuck let me know, i can tell you how to
get out of it
 <KV> Ok, thanks.
the engine complete all physics and collision is in exporters and editor are
done )
 <BeefMan> How did you get started in Game programming Tony?
 <tonytak> back in ..i got bored reviewing
 <tonytak> i learnt coding from rodney zaks coding the
 <tonytak> jeff helped me a lot as did other coders..
 <tonytak> i didmtit for . years then got out..
 <BeefMan> you think its as easy today to get started into game
programming as it might have been  years ago?
 <KV> What was the first game you worked on that got published?
 <irata> Tony How good are the physics in MM? Similar to Carmageddon??
 <tonytak> it is way tougher today the first game i wrote was Hyperforce
a wierd abstarct collecting game for the Com
 <tonytak> the physics are way beyond ANY game honestly the tracks are
insane and the physicsd ahve to be robust to cater for this
 <Jagman> heh, interesting, considering a Hyperforce was just released
for Jag
 <tonytak> i saw that and laughed)
 <tonytak> it was relased in ..
 <KV> Yeah, and the guys from Miracle Designs knew the guys behind Jaggy
 <tonytak> its a small world/inmdustry
 <irata> ... sounds awesome !! I assume  you know Carmageddon?
 <tonytak> yep i have one of their artists on booard on mm!
 <tonytak> you can see my wierd and simple efforst if you get a Commodore
 <KV> Are you still under NDA with VM Labs?
 <tonytak> i did  games for C and the same games on Atari and
C/ST and amiga
 <tonytak> i am still under nda ;)
 <tonytak> what you after?
 <BeefMan> hehe
 <BeefMan> how much memory does the nuon have? megs?
 <KV> Just wondering if we can totally fire away with questions or not
 <BeefMan> just say more or less
 <tonytak> this is public domian if you look it is  meg
 <BeefMan> bytes?
 <tonytak> bytes..
 <BeefMan> whoa
 <tonytak> remember it is  software driven system with NO accelerated
 <BeefMan> helluva lot more than i thought
 <KV> So is NUON really  processors on one die working in parallel?
 <tonytak> so it does damn well for raw proc power..
 <BeefMan> sure does
 <Jagman> well I have to get to work, glad you could stop by for a chat
tony.. Later
 <KV> Later Jagman!
 <BeefMan> later
 <mobiusmax> later
 <tonytak> because it is soft driven you can do anything on it BUT it is
limited by the cycles ultimately.
 <Jagman> adios
 <tonytak> bye!

Alive SE - EIL 2001