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Alive SE - EIL 2001

    Hello intrigued readers ! Well surely you must be wondering what's been
hanging around in Maggie main editor's head lately. It happends CiH had a nice
idea : write a full Star Wars parody using ascii characters ! Uh ? Yep mam'
More coming up right after this.

     As a matter of fact, Ascii Nation is entirely based on the Maggie shell
which is not necessarily a good start : the shell gfx are too greenish and the
ripped or scanned picture of low quality. Besides, tho not bad, the chip will
keep torturing you after a while unless you decide to kill it once and for all.
Last but not least the default color set is about grey scales, something I
cannot understand since other color sets are much more pleasant especially as
you're going to stick to your screen for quite a while.

     Back to the purpose of this strange magazine. As CiH explains in the edito
he wanted to write a series of articles using ascii characters. He started it
as an Alive article but the whole thing grew out of control and finally reached
the size of a well grown magazine. So here we stand waiting for the story to
start. As said before this is a parody and it's quite funny from what I've read
so far. The Ascii ppl are ok and dialogs are funny enough to get you shortly
addicted ! Btw I managed to grab a piece of it to let you taste it yourself :

      (Cue music! Orchestra play dammit! - Da da da DAH DAH! etc)

   .       .     .         Many years ago                 .      .
      .      .   .     in a distant galaxy         .              .   .
   .     .           far away, a long way away,        .    .
 .           .    we are talking about a lot further              .
       .        than the journey to the corner shop, or    .   .
   .         even the distance to go to Gdansk! In fact, we     .
       .   are talking billions and squillions of light years        .
  .      away, that a princess lived in her peaceful planet home
     of Boogaloo. Her people were happy and contented, but elsewhere
  many disturbing things were afoot! Oh yes, I suppose I've got to get
 some mention of a big scary Death-Star type of thing in here, but that
comes a bit later in the story.  For now,  we get to meet our principal
characters, just to simmer the excitement levels down a bit.....

    \{:}/    Another lovely day with my        'No there aren't any
   sSSSSSs  / happy Boogaloo people, I          Ma'am, we're all happy.'
  SS{@ @}SS    wonder if there are any
 S;(  v  );S   landmine victim orphans       '\ /\ /'    /\
 ss \<_>/ ss   for me to comfort?              \\//    , \/ ,
 _  .'-'.                                        \     \//\/
|  `\.../`\                                      /       \
| |        \         (Snurf!)                   /\       /\
\ \  )  ):\ \        ,,                       _/  \_    _\ \_
 \ \     | \_\      aa _                /------------------------------\
  \_\::::: /\\\     /_-                 |$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$|
  /|||   :                              \------------------------------/
  (   .  )                                O o O o O o O o O o O o O o O
   |  :  :
 On the Planet Boogaloo, home of the lovely Princess Oranjeboom,
everything seems hunky-dory...

 The story is quite long and comes divided into several chapters. So far I've
 only read a couple of them but it reads easily and you always want to read
 more at least it got me interested :) Of course if you don't like ascii art,
 star wars, parodies or CiH (:) you'd better forget about it right now. If not
 I'm sure that this uncommon magazine - if we can still call it so - will
 appeal to you !

Bottom Line : erm still these not-so-good-on-St Maggie shell :( But you should 
not stop here as there is plenty to entertain you in a very well thought way. 
Just give it a try and you'll quickly know if you like it or not.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ STS --

Alive SE - EIL 2001