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Alive 6

    I'd like to be able to set up a decent -FEEDBACK- corner  but to be honest
it'd look like some egotrip since all of you were quite happy with this issue.
Let's pat our beloved main  editors in the back, hummm  good :) If you want to
read some of  these "boring" and nice  comments, you are invited  to visit our
forum at

    Besides the fact that many people like alive5 while so few of them actually
gave us a hand (erm), I had  to answer some  odd questions or  read messages on
DHS. Let's have a closer  look at  these. Btw I won't  quote people coz I'm too
lazy and don't want some people to think we are mad  at them :) Not that I care
much about that (hey Moondog! :) but they  just wrote things other people could


    Before uploading another new  issue of ALIVE  I always check it  both on my
4Mb STe + harddrive (I skipped the floppy test since it's no problem) and on my
standard Falcon. Alive5 worked fine on both, including their intros. Now if you
are using some accelerator like CT2, Nememis, Afterburner or god knows what, it
may crash but remember that we  use the UCM  shell and that  it was designed to
run on bare STs and Falcons.

    May I recall that Earx made his code open source  some months ago ? We are
still expecting some mail reading "I want to do this" but reality is different
and actually we never received  a SINGLE  mail on that topic. Motivated coders
are still welcome of course !


    There I won't enter the debate any further. Okay some people don't have an
Atari anymore (why did they  sell it in the  first place ? To make 15 euros ?)
and prefer to use  emulators like Pacifist or  Saint to name  a few. Well it's
nice to know that people who don't have an Atari anymore  are still interested
in the Scene moves but... I wouldn't get  rid of my STe. If you feel nostalgic
then go to some flee market and buy a real Atari.


    We thought about that but putting together a single issue is already quite
a huge bulk of work. Then we  just don't have time to  put it online. It would
imply removing  all  tags (headlines, pictures and  colors) and  if we want to
present a decent issue, more work on design would also be needed.

    Above all, we DON'T WANT to go online ! Why ? Call it numbness or nostalgia
but diskmags are by nature to be (sp)read on disk and used on a natural Atari !
Do you enjoy watching Atari demos  under emulator ? Would  you rather  run some
video than opening your cupboard and get your machine connected ? I hope you're
NOT that lazy because that's the beginning of lamness. Aren't you  excited when
transferring the archive from  your work  machine to your  passionate machine ?
Well I am and even tho my Falcon tends to sleep  a lot, I always like to switch
in on and watch the latest releases as well as former releases. I think most of
you will have recognized the feeling that haunts them :)


    Don't feel safe if you don't  code slideshows :) Every writer has the right
and duty to say how  much he liked or  disliked releases. I don't mean  to kill
some people's motivation but hey I won't fall on my knees  every time something
comes out ! You can judge people at work, movies, books, games, how people live
and behave BUT  it  doesn't  mean that your words are universal truth ! This is
called 'point of view' !

    You all know I'm talking about MJJ Prod's slideshow. On this peculiar point
MJJ Prod bears a  burden, its  reputation ! When  you're a  newcomer  you can't
expect praises from the  start and we ALL went  thru this ! But when a renowned
crew comes back to life you  surely compare  their new prod  with their former.
That also happened when tSCc released new intros mainly done by their new coder
Ray and new gfxman Gizmo. Well they didn't  have such great  ratings either but
since then Ray has shown us how talented he is !

    Since I first wrote  this piece of  shit, more raging  talks invaded DHS !
This time Moondog got MJJ's  attention as he released UCM23... Seems like this
humble 'feedback'  corner would announce the next events :)  Anyway I wish the
people who waste time on this bbs spent more time doing things...

---------------------------------------------------------------------- STS ---

Alive 6