Alive Online Issues

This page leads to all online issues of the Alive disk magazine for Atari Computers. The pages have been converted in a hurry so there might be formatting or conversion errors contained. If you find any problems on these pages, please report them to Cyclone / X-Troll.

After struggling some hours with installing Phyton beside some libs and tools, I managed to modify the UCM converter tool, which was originally coded by Dynacore of TSCC, to generate these pages from the original Alive disk magazines. The results are not yet perfect and I am not really satisfied with the design of these pages, but a further delay wouldn't have been acceptable. The Alive team hopes you will enjoy these pages as much as you enjoyed the real magazine. The main reason to create an online version of Alive was to speed up the access, allow reading anywhere and to create some kind of web archive. However we hope you will stick to the real thing as well.

Many thanks to Dynacore / TSCC for the UCM converter source.

Cyclone / X-Troll